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Arbor Falls version 11 has gone live.

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Arbor Falls version 11 has gone live. Empty Arbor Falls version 11 has gone live.

Post  lord_of_worms on Sun Jan 23, 2011 2:05 am

content readme
BUMP IN THE NIGHT [extensive bugtesting by Jaybonz and Pekapeeks]
1) made it so this quest is unavailable until PC completes Valley of Caves (Caravan Traderoute quest) from Baron of Fellhurst - this keeps main storyline in sequence

2) edited Warehouse#18 main doors to be able to be opened from inside when wizard/portal is defeated (rather then having to go back down through sewers again)

3) Edited Idepaines initial meeting with PC to be spawned in to allow for use of this NPC later on in game quests.

4) edited Main area of fellhurst to change structure of Barons Estate a little,added some decorations to outer walls, and removed the fountain and replaced with a archway.

5) added in two new areas/joined with Main sewer of Bump In The Night Quest. as it was there were 3 doors that led nowhere. this has been fixed, two doors now lead somewhere, the other door was made to look collapsed.

6) fixed green [quest]door in witches coven quest to just be a regular door only accessible with Key (instead of trigger on floor as before that many players said was a pain to get past) now just open door (with key still) and walk through.

7) added option for players to 'release' wandering children spirits in witches coven quest after killing witches for a small amount of (xp x each) child spoken to.

Cool Added new option to adjust your furniture in your house [Up-Down-forward,back left and right] in [whole 1.00 units] and/or [miniscule 0.01 units] for more various placement options. (suggestion by ShadyAllie)

9) Added a Town Crier to Fellhurst Docks (suggestion by Jaybonz)

10) fixed Crypts typos in Crypt Areas (wrm_crypt_1,etc)

11) fixed airship travel in fellhurst to properly take you to Hothmournes and back now

12) added new underdark worldmap system

13) changed witches of fellhurst slightly. Quest is now given by the old crone that does fortunes. The guy outside of Fellhurst now has a different dialog and quest setter altogether(Borke Cattle Ranch trigger).

14) Added Borke Cattle Ranch Quest (located outside fellhurst see gerald outside fellhurst or herald in cattle ranch area.)

15) added option in Diamond Mines to free human slaves when quest is complete. instead of leaving them to die in the avalanche (for those that are all noble and the like)

16) added many new options to buy furniture in the furniture store, see list below
Jack o Lantern 1
Jack o Lantern 2
Jack o Lantern 3
Jack o Lantern 4
Pumpkin Patch 1
Pumpkin Patch 2
Pumpkin, Small
Portal (to last saved location - same as town portals in towns)
Trash Barrel
Static Barrel 1
Static Barrel 2
Static Barrel 3
Static Barrel Group
Brazier, Small
Brazier, Large
Book Row 1
Book Row 2
Book Row 3
Book Row 4
Book Row 5
Bread Basket
Dragon Bust
Plate, Food
Plate, Stacked
Plate, Empty
Platter, Food
Fruit Basket
Water Pitcher
Quill with Ink
Rolling Pin
Scroll 1
Scroll 2
Scroll Group
Stove, Small
Stove, Medium
Stove, Large
Tavern Bar
Pots and Pans, Stacked
Hanging Puppets 1
Hanging Puppets 2
Stone Patch 1
Stone Patch 2
Statue Female 1
Statue Female 2
Statue, Flaming
Statue, Gary Gygax
Ladder, Wooden
Torch, Freestanding

Elegant Table
All Shafts of Light
All Floor Designs
All VFX based

17) Fixed all placeable wall Paintings image orientation. they were upside down, they are right side up now and fixed.[furniture based pictures to come]

18) Added in New underdark Caverns Tileset (final) for use in upcoming nderdark series
currently there are now only [12] totally new areas that represent only the eastern upper caverns of the underdarks worldmap.

19) Added in persistant owned stores: Players can now own a shop, this includes what items are available(you must give them to shop vaults), how much items cost (percentagewise), appraisal skills, whether you want to sell the shop (including items already in shop), how much you want to sell it for.You can name your shop. They can be found now scattered throughout the realms.
there is only (1) in Arbor Falls availalble, several in Fellhurst city and docks districts are there for players.

20) Re-deeding your house should now work properly, door should become available on market. if this still fails a [hh_dmtool2] has been incorporated that will purge a door of the identity of owner(use with caution-make sure the owner wants you to do this!!)

21) fixed placeable.2da lines that were causing some bad-strreffs
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