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Journal Entry: A. Cordwaine, Swab of Valkur

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Journal Entry: A. Cordwaine, Swab of Valkur

Post  JFK on Wed Jan 26, 2011 3:34 pm

I continue my voyage of discovery regarding these lands, in service to the Captain of the Waves. Why Valkur has chosen to send me ashore for so long I cannot say, but he is the way, and I am the vessel only. I go where his currents send me, Amen I say.
The people of Arbor Falls and its surrounding areas are a sturdy folk, to my old eyes. Although landlubbers one and all, they are reasonable and courteous. I investigated a complex of crypts, where the dead do not rest easy in the sea's embrace, nor sleep peacefully with the worms. Before shoving off, I was hailed by two others who had put in down there. They were Ibun and Ash, a powerful duo indeed, and we three continued through a series of stone graveyards. Many was the tortured soul laid back to rest, thanks to their skills and knowledge. I hope to run aground of those two again, sometime.
But evening draws close now, and I must find the seashore to make my evening prayers. I know that in my service to Valkur, I may one day fall to death's embrace. Should that happen, and if this log be found, I pray my bones find their way to the bottom of the sea. To any who read this:
Fair seas and safe harbor!
Aragnosh Cordwaine, Swab of Valkur the Mighty, Captain of the Waves.
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