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CAP Server Regulations

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CAP Server Regulations Empty CAP Server Regulations

Post  9fires on Tue Oct 27, 2009 11:11 pm

WELCOME to the world, Adventurer. I sincerely trust that you will find this module to be all and more, you could ever expect to find in a last generation Neverwinter Nights game.

I do not have any intentions of beating you over the head with a glut of rules and regulations. The only expectation I have, is that you conduct yourself appropriately at all times and adhere to the following guidelines -

1. We fully support PvP, in fact, depending on which faction you selected, you will dislike opposing PCs straight away. However, that said, this is not a PvP module and that can not be stressed enough. Any griefing or murder will be dealt with harshly. The conflicts between the factions represents a political divide inside of the Adventurer's Guild and not some sort kill-on-sight vendetta.

2. This is a Roleplaying server and I expect that you remain in character, while in party chat or when chatting across the open channel. Nobody wants to hear you're eating pizza and listening to the new Beegees album. Keep it In Character, where and whenever possible.

3. We expect that you do not mule. Muling is defined as the player passing items or gold from one their characters to the other of their characters. This is extremely poor gamesmanship and is considered cheating.

4. Bug reports, exploit reports, suggestions, ideas and other thoughts concerning gameplay, the Community Adventure Project's ruleset or something you would like to see included into CAP, should be posted on our Forums. Please refrain from sending tells in game to the CAP staff, unless absolutely necessary.

5. For general information, use your Crafting Menu (hereafter refered to as your Player Command Interface or PCI). This invaluable tool is your best friend; learn it. Master its use and most of all, consult it. Great effort was put forward to make sure that the PCI is as comprehensive as possible. No short cuts were taken, no missive left unwritten. Everything concerning the CAP ruleset is contained there-in.
Under the Ruleset Utilities entry, you will find a library detailing the scripted systems that add depth and substance to this world.

6. In the event of a Server Crash, the module will reload automatically. Following a crash, the reloading process takes about two minutes to complete. Rushing the server can cause it to crash again and can even, crash you; if the module crashes, take a moment or two prior to logging back in.

7. This module is intended for adult audiences. If you are under the age of majority or are of a delicate constitution then please find some place else to play.

8. All events that occur within Community Adventure Project are chronicled and monitored by the administration. Any inappropriate behavior will be dealt with accordingly.

By continuing to remain here you are agreeing to the preceding.

Thank you, Be Most Welcome and Enjoy Yourself.
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