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Server Upgraded to new hardware

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Server Upgraded to new hardware Empty Server Upgraded to new hardware

Post  lord_of_worms on Mon Apr 04, 2011 4:59 pm

The server was updated to a new server machine with better processor, better memory allocation, faster HD write/reads and overall more robust then the clunker I was running on.

of course this wasnt without it problems.
for the last week, maybe a little more the game would show signs of wierd glitches..
some of them as follows.
1) rubber-banding across areas...when you clicked to move your PC might start walking, turn, run opposite way, then refocus and start moving the way you had originally wanted...very aggravating
2) Missing NPC's/Invisible NPC's. This could happen if you were standing right in front of them...basically your PC would appear to be standing in front of NPC butwould behave as if you were far away (shimmering NPC, invisible, unable to start a dialog,etc)
3) Zip-Porting - This is when your moving, then appear somehwere totally different, only to re-portal back where you started from...again, very aggravating.

Happy to say, rather then putting it all back on the old server like last time (I had tried this before but gave up when game was unplayable due to these issues) I have squashed this nasty issue!!
the problem was the embedded INTEL NetGigabyte 10/100/1000 ethernet that just was horrible.
it had latest drivers but doing some research I found that MANY people all over were having issues with lost packets/insta-dropped and -re-connected sessions,etc...all of these issues seemed to me to be the perfect reason for the issues as I saw above.

I disbaled adapter, picked up a new Network card,installed and all I can say is thank god!!
its not working smoothly, walking,running, NPC dialogs...they all are smooth gaming now!

so if you were experiencing these issues the last week, rest assured you should have a nice, smooth, un-aggravating experience with this new server.

I would also be interested to hear what your personl findings are..
does it run better for you now?
are areas loading faster?
how about dialog? shouldnt be any more drastic delays but I want to know from you all.

granted this cannot help the client machine run the game better if your client is old and clunky but for those of us running pseudo-good rigs, you should note a drastic improvemnet to your overall gameplay.

Thank you...and sorry for all the downtime this last week.
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