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New to your Creation

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New to your Creation Empty New to your Creation

Post  Kuzgan-Thunderhammer on Fri Sep 28, 2012 5:51 pm

Lord of Worms and friends:

I have made a Bard Avatar named James O'Gorman and recently visited your realm.

First let me tell you a bit about my self. I have done PnP D&D when is was the original white box 3 little books. So I am olddddddd lol. When NWN came out I wanted to do what you had done make a world for my buddies to play in but even though it was amazing those boxy hills just did not work for me but I still build alot of areas. I am a digital artist by trade and do 3d but I just could never get my head around how it all worked . I did modeling work for a persistant world and was a brief memeber of DLA but modeling was my only strength. So my built nwn creations for my friends basically got shelved. Fast foreward to just a month ago I came back to nwn seeing if I can maybe try it again, why? because my group has gotten way older and is starting to move away preparing for retirement, the only way we could game now immersively is imho nwn.
So I head to the vault to see all the new mods that had been made and to my pleasent suprise I spotted your hak on the vault and could not believe what you squeezed out of nwn. Then i entered your world and was amazed. I am between movie gigs right now so I can really check out your world , but I am spending more time telling the priest in the temple to heal me than exploring your world . All I can say though is WOW what I have seen of it is just amazing and I am sorry about the blood trails and pools of my blood I am leaving around it at this time.

I would love to help you expand this world if you need any help , my strength is unfortunately not 3d max as I cut my teeth on lightwave when starting out, but I also love and I am very good with z-brush, I am a digital compositor matte painter by trade and work on feature films commercials and preproduction automotive conceptual . So basically my strength nwn wise is modeling and texturing and of course over 20 years of dungeoning dm'ing exp so I do know area building,theming,quests,conversations,except for scripting which I am still trying to learn past the basics.

Anyway love to PM sometime, thankyou so much for all the "from scratch" work you have done for the nwn community.


Well now its back to the toolset to further explore your seasonal forest.

CAP Adventurer
CAP Adventurer

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New to your Creation Empty Re: New to your Creation

Post  Shady on Fri Sep 28, 2012 8:47 pm

Well met!

I have leaked my entrails along with gallons upon gallons of my own blood all over this world from top to bottom and back.
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