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~Arbor Falls - General Rules and Conduct~

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~Arbor Falls - General Rules and Conduct~ Empty ~Arbor Falls - General Rules and Conduct~

Post  lord_of_worms on Mon Nov 15, 2010 7:14 pm

~Arbor Falls General Rules and Conduct~

~New Players~

Take your time in exploring the lands and seeing all that this world has to offer. Many rare and wonderous sights await all ye who enter.

Beginning players might want to talk to Sir Kaster who resides in the local tavern to gain their first main quest.

There are several side quests in and around the town that should give you enough XP to gain a level without having to fall into harms way.

Stay on the trails and roads that traverse the wilderness, failure to do so can rapidly lead to dangerous situations. Even so ambushes by thieves and bandits on the roads is not unheard of.

There is safety in numbers, while it may seem that you will level faster by going at it solo the chances of success are extremely slim for lower level characters. Find individuals to travel with until you are of high enough level to travel alone.

There is a sea vessel that can take you and your party to many far off places that are unattainable by foot. Please note that some places may not be readily available until a certain condition is met .

~Server Regulations~

All players are to be courteous to each other, that involves answering questions to new players and no player killing! (unless they ask for it of course)

No Cursing! at least not SHOUTS, Since this could potentially have players underage I ask that you keep the profanity down to a minimum

Don't try and kill the townspeople. They will not give XP, will respawn or are set as PLOT and invulnerable and the only thing it does is screw the immersion for others.

Please be considerate and change to 'Party' or 'Talk' channel whenever conversing amongst other players. 'Shout' and 'DM' channel should be reserved for specific use.

Whenever possible try to stay in roleplay. If you must speak out of character try and do so with a 'Tell' command so that others around you will not be distracted.

Although 'Farming' [staying in one area to re-spawn creatures for XP over and over again] an area is not frowned upon, if you are constantly stealing other players 'spawns' then you may be asked to cease your actions.

~A Brief History of Arbor Falls~

This world is set in the Forgotten Realms. It is an imaginary place created by myself so that I can keep immersion under control. Although you may read or see passing references to real FR locals set in this region you will not be able to visit any of these places. This is by authors design.

Nestled along the shores of the great sea lies the sleepy hamlet of Arbor Falls. This is where you will be starting your adventures. There are many places to visit and many sights to see. As well this world will be ever-expanding to include more areas and quests as time continues.
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