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Ring of Disguise Debacle, continued.

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Ring of Disguise Debacle, continued.

Post  rawmilk905 on Fri Aug 10, 2012 10:55 pm

I'm posting this separately as at this point it no longer pertains to persistent storage. I'm going to advise against the use of the Ring of Disguise, which is commonly dropped in the crypt levels in Arbor Falls. Crashing (and perhaps even logging out, haven't tested that) before restoring your character's appearance will result in the permanent scrambling of the character's parts, which would not be a problem, except that neither the body giver npcs in occult shops nor the mirrors in beauty parlors allow resetting the main body parts (apart from the undead/normal left arm from the body giver.)

All that would probably need changed would be editing the ring script to not touch the tattoos/body parts, only altering those elements which the npcs can be used to revert and/or adding an option to the body giver to reset to the nice custom bodies we start with in Arbor Falls. A more extensive rewrite of the Ring of Disguise might involve persistent storage of a set number of appearances (say, two or three, including the original) that a character using the ring could swap out, restoring the original appearance when unequipped.

Lord of Worms was kind enough to fix this for me through a rebuild of the character. Thank you!
Unfortunately the solution brought a new challenge. Despite four wizard levels, Fenton is unable to learn spells and is not offered any when leveling (he does have the lvl 0 spells, but no others.) I hope this is good information in testing your mod, and not an annoyance for you, Worms. Thank you again for a wonderful PW and for being helpful and accommodating. For whatever reason, Arbor Falls is still drawing me in more than any nwn2 world I've been attempting to play in, in spite of encountering bugs right away (I'm rather new) and a smaller player base.

Update: Just as one thing resolves itself (somewhat), something else happens. Logging in last night, I found 3 pieces of furniture missing from my player housing: a scrying globe, ornate chest filled with potions, and cloth bag filled with gems. I asked borojb about this and he mentioned a server crash on Friday and advised against logging out while in the player housing, due to potential for it not to save properly. Would a delayed save to database after interaction with objects instead of just on exit of the area make housing a bit more stable? I tried scrolls again and found that I was now able to learn first level spells from scrolls, though not anything higher (still at 4 wizard levels.) Not only that, but the first level spells I had attempted to learn on the previous session now appeared in my spellbook, so I a somewhat hopeful that the spell trouble will just work itself out if I keep trying them.

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